Custom Layouts in the WordPress Content Editor

Screenshot of sample page showing two column layout

  A short while ago we were working on a WordPress project where the content of the page needed to be displayed in two columns … informational text on the left and a contact form on the right (not in a sidebar). There are some WordPress themes out there, like WooThemes, that have built-in shortcodes for formatting […]

5 Benefits of Using a CMS for Your Website

Content Management System - Business Concept

We are seeing an amazing shift in how websites are designed and managed thanks to Content Management System (CMS) platforms. So why should you consider using a CMS for your website? Here are 5 terrific reasons:   Saves Time & Money: You can do many of the tasks that used to required a web professional and […]

Do I Need a Security Certificate For My Web Site?

photograph of a padlock

If you ask your site visitors to enter credit card or other sensitive information then yes, you need an SSL Security Certificate (you’ll also need a dedicated IP address). Using SSL means that the data sent to and from your visitors web browser is encrypted before being transmitted over the internet. Having a Certificate issued […]