Our Process

We start by sitting down with you to get the requirements for the project and understand your business process. By asking lots of questions and walking through various scenarios we may uncover things that haven’t been considered yet. Ideally we’ll visit your office and see first-hand how you do what you do or at least get together for a meeting over coffee.

Then we translate those requirements into something that is beautifully functional and works within your existing system and processes.

We do our development on a copy of your website so your visitors won’t see any hiccups on your real website during the project. This also lets you ‘kick the tires’ and test how things are going to work before moving the changes out for all to see. The feedback we get from you during this phase is really important to us. It let’s us know how you like the new features and where the tweaks are needed.

When the changes are ready to go we move them over to your website with as little interruption to your site as possible and in many cases, no interruption to your visitors at all.


What Technologies do we work with?

These days we do almost all of our work with PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, and WordPress. We’ve also integrated Google Maps, PayPal, and Facebook Connect into various websites.


Who do we work with?

Typically we partner or subcontract with website designers and project managers, but we also work directly with clients.


Will we work on existing websites?

You bet! We come from a corporate software development environment so we are quite used to finding our way around existing code. We don’t want to step on any toes though so we’ll likely ask about any agreements or contracts you might have with other website designers or developers.


Where are we located?

We’re in Coquitlam, BC and are happy to meet with clients in the Greater Vancouver area. For those outside the Lower Mainland we can talk via e-mail or Skype.


Are there things we don’t do?

As much as we’d like to think we can do it all, the reality is our expertise is in programming, not writing content or complex graphic design work. If your project requires either of these things we suggest hiring one of the many talented professionals, several of whom we have already collaborated with, who specialize in those areas and we would be pleased to work with them.