5 Reasons We Recommend WordPress

WordPress logoWordPress is probably the most popular CMS and blogging platform available today. For good reason. Many good reasons in fact. Here are our top 5.

1. It’s Free, Open Source, and Is Supported by A Large Community

You never pay to install and update the core WordPress platform whether for personal or commercial use. WordPress is the result of collaboration by hundreds of volunteers so there’s little worry of them closing up shop leaving you with an unsupported product.

A large community means there is probably someone out there who has already figured out how to do the same thing you want to do. There’s lot of experience to draw on and we’ve found that everyone is incredibly helpful in answering questions.

2. It’s Easy to Install and Update

The famous WordPress 5-minute install really is as easy as they say and step-by-step documentation is available to walk you through the process. Many hosting companies make it even easier by offering tools to automatically install WordPress for you.

Keeping a website updated with all the latest versions of all the bits and pieces has always been a chore best left to the more technical folks, but the Automatic Update feature makes it a breeze for anyone. Notifications of available updates are displayed in the administration dashboard and you can apply the updates with just a few mouse clicks. No longer does keeping your web site up-to-date require paying a web professional, saving you money on routine maintenance.

3. There are Many Themes and Plugins Available

The number of themes and plugins available for WordPress is almost overwhelming. There’s a really good chance that someone has already written a theme or plugin that you can use. We’re firm believers in not re-inventing the wheel. It’s much better to save that time and expense for the things that you truly need custom work for.

You do need to pay some attention when choosing a theme or plugin as these are typically created by individuals or small shops and may not be as well supported as the core WordPress product is. So spend a few minutes checking out who the developer is and how actively they support their offering.

4. It’s Built to Be Extended

Even with all the themes and plugins that are already available there will be times when you want something different for your site. Not only has WordPress allowed for custom theme and plugin integration, but they’ve done it in such a way that you don’t have to worry about losing your changes when you update WordPress. Some of the premium theme and plugin developers have taken the same approach and given their customers places to add in their own customizations as well. As WordPress developers we can tell you that this is a huge benefit … we get to spend more time on the unique functionality you need and less time fussing with integration stuff.

5. It’s Built Using PHP and MySQL

 PHP and MySQL are also incredibly popular. If you’re a technical type it’s likely that you already have some experience with both or with technologies that are very similar. And if you’re not technical and need to hire someone to make changes to your site you’ll have a big pool of talent to choose from.


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